Thorney Motorsport E9x M3 race exhaust system

After four years of development, Thorney Motorsport has brought out its very own branded, full exhaust system for the E9x M3 range, based on its M3 GT3 system. The system is made from T304 stainless steel throughout and is available as either a rear section, comprising a pair of silencers with four 85mm carbon tailpipes or centre section with balance pipes and a pair of 100 cell cats. Also available are the hand-built Thorney race manifolds, developed directly from the GT3 race car items, with longer primaries to increase torque and a wider bore for increased power and flow.

All components of the system underwent extensive testing on road and race conditions in order to ensure the highest possible quality along with the perfect fit, power and sound, for example 25 back-to-back dyno runs to ensure zero discolouration of the carbon tips.

A lot of time and effort was spent fine-tuning the system to ensure that it delivers the perfect V8 soundtrack, completely free of drone when cruising but suitably vicious at full throttle and high revs. As for power gains, the full system delivers an additional 18-20hp and 18lb ft of torque, while a custom remap will add another 10hp and 11lb ft, while the manifolds add 10hp and 7lb ft of torque with no change in sound or noise level.

Price: Rear section £1550, centre section with cats £1250, race manifolds £1800, all prices include VAT


Tel: 01280 850102

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