Safe and Easy Driving: Tips for Beginners

Driving a car requires lots of skills and knowledge: from how different car parts are named and to how to properly maintain summer tyres. This experience comes with the lapse of time. But safety comes first now. What techniques of safe driving should the beginners know? Read about the rules that keep you safe on the road.

Distractions aside!

Avoid texting or talking on a cell phone (even using a hands-free device) while driving. Seems trivial? Ok, but how about drinking soda, munching snacks or chatting with a passenger? Everything you have to pay attention at distracts your attention from the road and, therefore, is dangerous. Ignore calls and avoid taking kids ‘on board’ while you are still learning.

Be careful at intersections

Most accidents on intersections happen only a couple of seconds after the light change. So don’t rely only on the traffic lights. Clear the intersection before starting moving if you are the first car at the stop light. Beware red light runners.

Make sure you are comfy in the car

Most people just won’t mind reading their car’s manual. But ensure that, at least, you know how to use the controls (such as windows, locks, turn signals, air conditioning, seat controls, windshield wipers, and so on ) in your car and where to find them before you hit the road on your own.

Emotions under control

Driving is full of nerve-wracking situations, but you must learn to bring panic under control. It’s ok (or even good) to be a little nervous, but you need to overcome your fears if you want to taste the freedom driving a car gives.

Don’t bother thinking what others think about your driving

If you think you drive well and safely, don’t care what other folks think about you. That jerk that is tailgating you must be nervous that you drive too slow… But you don’t have to please him or prove something. The only thing that really matters now that you are learning is safety.

Never drive under the influence

Yes, the old truth. While you grin, it keeps killing, every day. Maybe a person you knew very well (or even loved) has died because somebody was so selfish to drive their car under the influence. Driving and alcohol are incompatible. Booze impacts your body in the way that you become incapable of controlling your car.

Look farther

Drivers usually look as far as the vehicle in front of them or just before them. It’s a big mistake. To drive safely, you need to see the big picture of what is happening on the road. Move your eyes all the time and try to embrace the road as far as you can.

Keep a safe following distance

Short following distance is the next thing after speed that leads to accidents. You should leave 1 car length in front of you for every 10 mph you drive and adjust this following distance in bad weather conditions.

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