Milltek Sport E39 M5 exhaust

You can’t beat the sound of a V8 and if you’ve got an E39 M5, you’ve potentially got one of the best soundtracks around, but that engine needs a sports exhaust to get the most aural satisfaction from it. Enter Milltek Sport and its new cat-back exhaust system. Made entirely from aircraft-grade T304 stainless steel, which brings with it a lifetimes guarantee, the cat-back system is made up of three sections – a Y-piece to collect the gasses from each cylinder bank and two separate silencers, with 2.5” piping and mandrel bends throughout to ensure optimum flow plus quad 90mm tips. For those looking to unleash yet more noise and power, Milltek offers optional high-flow sport cats, made by HJS in Germany and designed to fit perfectly with the rest of the system, though a Stage 2 ECU remap is also required if you opt for these.

Price: £1246.80 inc VAT


Tel: 01332 227280

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