Liberty Walk M4 kit

If you feel the M4 is a little too subtle for your tastes, Liberty Walk has come to the rescue with its latest kit. Available in two distinct forms designed to make the kit accessible to as many people as possible, Liberty Walk’s M4 kit can be specified in either glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or carbon fibre reinforced plastic.

The kit features arches, boot spoiler and rear diffuser, with the latter two components actually available separately from the complete bodykit if the customer prefers, giving scope for them to create a truly unique looking M car. Both versions have been painstakingly developed to fit the M4 precisely, accentuating its arches and aggressive styling traits.

The complex design process employed in the creation of all Liberty Walk products ensures that fitment should be a straightforward affair for any trained bodyshop, while the end result is all but guaranteed to stop traffic and draw admiring glances left right and centre.

Price: LB Works complete GRP body kit £6,533.33, rear diffuser £1400, boot spoiler £1000; complete CFRP bodykit £7666.67, rear diffuser £2,106.67, boot spoiler £1400 


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