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    The LOUDEST BMW M4 in South Africa

    Power goes to the rear wheels alone, but the previous model’s V8 engine has been replaced with a more powerful and more efficient 425bhp, twin-turbo, 3.0-litre, six-cylinder engine. A six-speed manual gearbox is standard, but the vast majority of UK buyers will opt for BMW’s optional seven-speed dual-clutch ‘M DCT’ auto. There is, of course, […] More

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    The All New BMW X4 Official Launchfilm

    Be one of the first to get a glimpse at the all-new BMW X4. The second generation places a far greater emphasis on sportiness and expressive design. Have a look at the extravagantly styled and dynamically stretched lines of the exterior, and the premium feel in the interior. The 2018 BMW X4 version comes with […] More

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    13 Miniature Handmade Engines

    I don’t know about you but when we were young, our favorite toys were cars, robots and leggo puzzles, no matter what that means. And by leggo puzzles, we are talking about creating things in miniature. Well, keeping this in mind, after seeing this kind of creations, we truly remained speechless. Some of these engines […] More

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    White BMW M5 F10 with ARMYTRIX Cat-Back Flap-Exhaust

    Armytrix team surely do some of the best jobs when it comes to creating and installing an aftermarket exhaust system. Alongside Akrapovic, are by far the best sounding exhaust systems available on the market. In this particular video, you can see a white BMW M5 F10 with Competition Package with Factory Downpipes and ARMYTRIX Cat-Back […] More

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    BMW M5 V10 ECU vs 560HP Lamborghini Gallardo

    Even if it is a Lamborghini, it doesn’t mean it can’t be beaten by a modified and powerful BMW. Considering the Lamborghini is a little bit old, and the BMW is more recent and has more technology, being their sportiest model at the time, it could be understandable a BMW to beat a Lamborghini. It […] More

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    BMW Engine Factory

    The world is constantly changing and being cost-efficient is a must in any business, especially one where you actually have to build something. BMW is no exception to the rules and in order to cater better to the needs of its Chinese customers new plants had to be opened. However, unlike the US plant or […] More

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    Watch Bizarre Video of Russians Pushing Car With Another on Highway

    Recording video while driving seems to be a national pastime in Russia, which is a gift to those of us who like watching viral videos. Here we’ve got what appears to be a perfectly normal car with a man just casually sitting in the trunk on the highway like it’s no big thing. Suddenly, we’ve […] More

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    5 Ideas That Are Either Really Stupid or Totally Genius

    Necessity is the mother of invention. When we need a quick solution to a sudden problem, our creativity is often limitless. Whether this creativity is improving things or bringing even more problems is another question. We at StreetFX collected some hilarious examples of human creativity. It is up to you to decide whether these are […] More

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    GEN H-4 – The Smallest Helicopter In The World!

    Smallest Helicopter In The World If you are determined to fly solo and looking for the right machine to do it with, then look no more- with the GEN H-4 you can hover in the sky in the smallest one-man helicopter in the world. The GEN H-4 was designed and build by a Japanese company […] More

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    3SDM at MStyle

    MStyle is now stocking 3SDM wheels, with the full range of styles available in a wide variety of sizes and fitments. 3SDM wheels have a unique look unlike anything else on the market and are instantly recognisable plus they are surprisingly affordable, meaning you could be rocking a set of stylish alloys for a lot […] More

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    Thorney Motorsport E9x M3 race exhaust system

    After four years of development, Thorney Motorsport has brought out its very own branded, full exhaust system for the E9x M3 range, based on its M3 GT3 system. The system is made from T304 stainless steel throughout and is available as either a rear section, comprising a pair of silencers with four 85mm carbon tailpipes […] More

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