15 Things You Didn’t Know About BMW!

So lets begin,

I knew everything you mentioned and girl you missed soo much history/fun facts/rare unkown things! Most importantly though and I wont let this slide, you miss informed people. I won`t be too mean but here is a quicky for you.The laser high beams on the i8 are legal stateside, please do some research and invest in a mic.

328 hommage- is not a design that bmw is exploring its simply and hommage theres one made every few years just like the CSL and the M1 these are not production only show and tell cars. You brought up and M9 there is no such thing as an M9 and wont be for a very long time. That car is from a great adobe application known as photoshop.

Why did you not mention the hydrogen 7? Or the Hydrogen fuel cell i8? Or why not bring up the fact that BMW first electric car was the e1 and is currently known as the i3 ?

And one of my favorite ones of all is, just like Chevy makes engines that are for none production cars so does BMW, why not bring up the w16 engine or the e32 v12 which was later revised for the Famouse Mclaren F1 ?

Those are interesting facts, what you gave us is laziness.

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